"I have always loved fashion-plain and simple.  From sketching and sewing when I was little, to having a career in the fashion industry, to now working intimately with clients in their closets-I am doing what I love to do."

Janel is a personal stylist based out of Greenwich CT. She worked for 12 years in the industry with some of the top retailers and designers. She collaborated with those designers to make sure not only the design was on point-but also that the fit was amazing and clear. This understanding of how garments are made to fit certain body types and which brands work for those different body types sets her apart in the world of dressing her personal clients.

Janel works with clients all over, from stay-at-home moms to News Anchors to Finance executives. "Style is about feeling good-when you feel amazing, you are at ease and comfortable-clothing is a big part of that. It does not matter if you are walking into a PTA meeting or the most important meeting of your career-how you look directly correlates to how successful you will be in your relationships and your work."  

Janel works to make this easy for her busy clients by taking the shopping out of shopping-bringing the best of the stores to clients homes at a time and place that is convenient for them. "We believe that fashion can be simple and you should never look like the clothes are wearing you - rather than you wearing the clothes. Whether you are looking for perfectly undone or classically pulled together-we help you identify your personal style and work to surround you with a wardrobe that makes it easy to reflect that. (be it from your own existing closet or filling in the pieces that help to tell and BUILD that story)"

Together with her background, Janel uses humor, understanding and a keen eye to make getting dressed the easiest part of her clients day. 


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